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Abrazar is a team with expertise in social public policy,
psychology, education, gender and data science

We create local multi-sectoral work teams that develop solutions to prevent, detect early and reduce violence against children and adolescents.

The whole family benefits.
The impact of our work on family well-being is significant.


Increased parental efficacy: 34% increase in parental efficacy to manage challenging behaviors


Reduced hostility level: 24% reduction in the hostility level against boys and girls


Improved behavior: 32% reduction of disruptive behavior problems in children

In participants’ own words:
“I am really happy with the workshop and I recommend it to everyone I talk to. I was burned out and this helped me to get my house in order, organize myself and enjoy time with my children.”

We suit the needs of each community through our two service approaches



Focused prevention

Using artificial intelligence, Abrazar enables local governments to identify the families that can most benefit from attending workshops on positive parenting habits, and trains local teams to conduct these workshops.



Building local capacity

We develop new local solutions to prevent mistreatment and other types of violence in childhood and/or adolescence: bullying, sexual abuse, exposure to violence among adults, etc. This is implemented with agile, adaptable and iterative policy methodologies by training institutional teams.

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