We are reaching
out too late

We should act before violence becomes severe
Our results suggest that 40% of at-risk children and adolescents can be identified.
Our tools allow a 20-fold improvement
over the current detection level.

700,000 children suffer severe physical violence

Silent phenomenon

Only 2 out of 100 are reported

Severe physical violence affected 700,000 children and adolescents in Argentina in 2019. With COVID-19, stress and pressures increased, and living together at home became more difficult. Cases of child violence have increased, reports grew by a 30% and there are still many that remain out of our reach.

Physical violence has more serious consequences than we think. It implies a higher risks of school dropout, brain damage, mental health issues and non-communicable diseases.


Child violence is more common than it seems. It is a slap or spanking to discipline. Hitting when words are not enough. Besides harming our children, the use of violence is punishable by law.

Violence is something we often naturalize. We experienced it as children and often repeat it when we grow up.


We promote bonds between parents and children based on affection, respect, empathy and communication.

These are the foundation for our children to grow up healthy, self-confident and prepared to face life’s challenges.