Machine learning techniques and predictive analytics have enormous potential to prevent violence against children and adolescents. In this article we will tell you about two successful and promising experiences similar to Abrazar in the US and Chile. These programs use predictive analytics to reach the families that need help.

The Nurse-Family Partnership provides support to first-time moms in the US. They have trained nurses who regularly visit mothers starting early in the pregnancy and continuing through the child’s second birthday. Their results are amazing, they managed to reduce child abuse and neglect by 48%.

The Local Child Support Office (Oficina Local de la Niñez, OLN) in Chile is a free and voluntary service for children, adolescents and families at higher risk of vulnerability. To detect families at risk, they use an algorithm developed with administrative records. Their offices provide family therapy and access to government services. This program is being implemented in 12 communities on a pilot basis.

These experiences show how machine learning techniques and predictive analytics make it possible to reach the children and adolescents who need it most in a timely manner. These tools allow to conduct very effective programs which costs are prohibitively expensive to offer them universally.