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We train algorithms that allow local governments to identify households that can benefit from having guidance to improve the bond with their children.
We also provide a digital platform that helps local governments to carry out positive parenting workshops. This platform makes it possible to enroll families, set up groups for workshops, communicate with families on a regular basis and generate data to improve service offerings.

Aprendamos a Crecer (Let’s learn to grow):
discovering positive parenting

Engage in child rearing means constantly learning new things and while we learn as mothers and fathers, our children grow as human beings.

Designed as a space to share among peers, these sessions address the parenting process. Abrazar provides practical tools by discussing the causes of child behavior, dealing with misconduct, managing change goals and sustaining positive habits.

Aprendamos a Crecer (Let’s learn to Grow) allows parents and care givers to feel more prepared to face the daily challenges of parenting and strengthen the bond with their children.

In participants’ own words:

“My children told me: ‘Mum, ¿did you realize that you’re yelling a lot less?’”

“It was great that my husband participated in the workshop because it gave him strategies to bond with our son and share quality time. Before, he didn’t know how to connect!”

“t’s great this is made available to the public so that everyone can access. Otherwise, when a problem arises, just a few may receive paid professional assistance, and not everyone has that possibility.”

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